New Year, New Logo!

To kick off the New Year, I thought, why not give Newmarket Network a refresh? It’s been a fantastic year at Newmarket Network and I have a feeling this year is going to be even better.

I’d like to thank everyone who has attended the events so far, they’ve been great fun and it’s been fantastic meeting you all. I hope that you’ve gained some benefit out of Newmarket Network. The aim of Newmarket Network is to bring local businesses together to collaborate and work togehter to promte their businesses. This is something that I feel I’ve seen a lot of.

The new logo hasn’t been changed too much, it’s just been given the refresh that I thought it needed. I feel that the new logo symbolises a new start at Newmarket Network. We’re going to work hard this year to make Newmarket Network even better than it was last year. So, on that note, here’s to a fantastic New Year. I look forward to seeing you all.